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Clap Your Hands Now

Every now and then, we humans need to REJOICE.  Let loose, ululate, move the hips, girate senselessly, CELEBRATE.  Especially after periods of toil and stress.  The bounce back is necessary, part of living a balanced life. So won’t you join me and clap your hands? Clap your hands now; people clap now. Clap your hands [...]

I Will

This week I’m prepping to take part in the major life celebrations of three very good friends.  It’s wedding season for OPEN. As I browse registries, book flights and pick up bridesmaid gowns, I think about what it means to join your life with another.  The romanticism and hopeful permanence of it all are familiar. [...]

This Was Our Song

78 year old Marty Daniels danced with his wife, Mariah, every day for 60 years.  In his words, “she pulled me out of my shell, dragged me onto the dance floor…and I’ve been dancing ever since…” Dancing kept them connected while he was serving overseas in Korea, and kept their steps light as they raised [...]

Dont Be Shy, Apply

Hello OPEN Family!  Fall is here and OPEN is happily back to work. Now that the funds are raised, our focus is on finding and selecting the next Traveler and we’re doing an OPEN call to find that person. We’ve received some strong entries, but I want to continue to throw the net wide. Many of [...]

Home Again

I’m home again for 12 short hours before I head upstate for a day of hammock swinging, good eats and last summer shouts with friends. I’m just back from Atlanta, GA, where I celebrated my Mother’s 60th birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom)!  Atlanta is an amazingly diverse and cosmopolitan town with much to offer.  I hadn’t [...]