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The Sweetest Gift

Tired and weary, I’m in need of a lullabye tonight, of someone cradling me and telling me it’s going to be OK. As if they knew, Sade and iTunes have conspired to gift me this … Quietly while you were asleep The moon and I were talking I asked that she’d always keep you protected She [...]

Just Close Your Eyes

This morning I awoke in the country. I grabbed my sarong and wrapped it loosely around my body, fumbled for my eyeglasses and headed out to the garden to find a spot in the sun. The grass soaked my bare feet with its chilly dew, waking me slightly. I settled down into a patch of [...]

Celebrity Kickstarters and Transcendental Art

Giving and receiving are integrally connected and so, as OPEN seeks funding for its own efforts, we are also looking for like-minded projects to support. For the past few days, I’ve been trolling Kickstarter, which has become the go-to hub for creative, crowd-sourced fundraising.  Of late, even celebrities have started to use this platform to [...]

Lady & West Go To Texas

Today two of my favorite souls, Jenn and Kirk of the musical duo Lady & West, are taking off to Austin to record their next album! Their story and their music are full of what OPEN loves the most – beauty in the small things, honesty and a sincere desire to connect through art and storytelling. [...]

Shine A Light

I am humbled and super inspired by the outpouring of support that OPEN has received in its 2 short days out there in the universe.  Last night when I went to bed The OPEN Series had 47 “likes” on Facebook.  I just checked in and we’re at 137.  You all have almost tripled the love in [...]

If You Could Go Anywhere…

Last night, at the launch party for OPEN, the energy was palpable, thick with love.  You had to wade your way through it, slowly. I took my time and let it wash over me. At a certain point, I stepped outside to observe from afar.  What I saw through the open windows, through light cotton [...]


For me, good music is the ultimate expression of human emotion. A simple note or lyrical combination can illuminate exactly what’s on our hearts and minds, sometimes expressing it more perfectly than we can ourselves. This section of the blog, Audible Heartbeats, features the songs that speak to us, and for us… Open, by the [...]