On The Road

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She Moved

Today I discovered an old laptop, and with it mementos and creations from my first solo sojourns out in the world. One piece of writing had me catching feelings, the beginnings of a book I began in 2009 on the heels of my first trip to Paris. I called it fiction at the time, but [...]

The Notion of Home

What is “home”?  Walls and belongings in a physical sense.  A feeling of comfort and familiarity in a spiritual sense. Home is both external and internal, literal and figurative. When we travel we leave our physical dwelling and are freed up to explore and expand our immaterial home, the one we carry within.  The sights [...]

Lady & West Go To Texas

Today two of my favorite souls, Jenn and Kirk of the musical duo Lady & West, are taking off to Austin to record their next album! Their story and their music are full of what OPEN loves the most – beauty in the small things, honesty and a sincere desire to connect through art and storytelling. [...]

Navigating The Unknown

When asked “Why Japan?” Julia replied that she couldn’t think of a more distinct environment than what she was used to. While terrifying, that was attractive to her. 5,500 miles across the ocean – outside of her comfort zone and navigating new spaces and places – she knew she’d show up for herself in a [...]