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She Moved

Today I discovered an old laptop, and with it mementos and creations from my first solo sojourns out in the world. One piece of writing had me catching feelings, the beginnings of a book I began in 2009 on the heels of my first trip to Paris. I called it fiction at the time, but [...]

Combatting the Funk, Feeling the Flow

With mercury in retrograde, things are feeling heavy and murky for many. I’ll be honest and say that I’m one of them. Someone told me today that when you’re feeling helpless, help someone. When you’re feeling blue, spread joy. When you’re feeling tense, provide relief. The point is, put out into the world what you [...]

I Will

This week I’m prepping to take part in the major life celebrations of three very good friends.  It’s wedding season for OPEN. As I browse registries, book flights and pick up bridesmaid gowns, I think about what it means to join your life with another.  The romanticism and hopeful permanence of it all are familiar. [...]

This Was Our Song

78 year old Marty Daniels danced with his wife, Mariah, every day for 60 years.  In his words, “she pulled me out of my shell, dragged me onto the dance floor…and I’ve been dancing ever since…” Dancing kept them connected while he was serving overseas in Korea, and kept their steps light as they raised [...]

Home Again

I’m home again for 12 short hours before I head upstate for a day of hammock swinging, good eats and last summer shouts with friends. I’m just back from Atlanta, GA, where I celebrated my Mother’s 60th birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom)!  Atlanta is an amazingly diverse and cosmopolitan town with much to offer.  I hadn’t [...]

More Than Imagined

Last night at 8:56pm the campaign ended, with $22,054, 191 supporters and tears of joy welling up in these eyes of mine. At the beginning of this process, a good friend sent me a card in the mail, which you can see above. She encouraged me to have faith and promised me that it’d be [...]

The Notion of Home

What is “home”?  Walls and belongings in a physical sense.  A feeling of comfort and familiarity in a spiritual sense. Home is both external and internal, literal and figurative. When we travel we leave our physical dwelling and are freed up to explore and expand our immaterial home, the one we carry within.  The sights [...]

Just Close Your Eyes

This morning I awoke in the country. I grabbed my sarong and wrapped it loosely around my body, fumbled for my eyeglasses and headed out to the garden to find a spot in the sun. The grass soaked my bare feet with its chilly dew, waking me slightly. I settled down into a patch of [...]

Celebrity Kickstarters and Transcendental Art

Giving and receiving are integrally connected and so, as OPEN seeks funding for its own efforts, we are also looking for like-minded projects to support. For the past few days, I’ve been trolling Kickstarter, which has become the go-to hub for creative, crowd-sourced fundraising.  Of late, even celebrities have started to use this platform to [...]

If You Could Go Anywhere…

Last night, at the launch party for OPEN, the energy was palpable, thick with love.  You had to wade your way through it, slowly. I took my time and let it wash over me. At a certain point, I stepped outside to observe from afar.  What I saw through the open windows, through light cotton [...]