OPEN (One Person’s Evolving Narrative) is a documentary film series that explores the relationship between travel and self discovery — what happens when individuals who are in transitional moments in life go on physical journeys that have the potential to not only teach them about the places they visit but also reveal something about themselves and where they are, on a personal level.

Each short film tells the intimate story of one individual who is ripe for a journey.  Perhaps they are leaving one life phase and about to pass into the next.  Or perhaps they have always wanted to take a certain trip but have been held back for one reason or another.

OPEN asks individuals in crossroads moments, “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” And why?”  The film explores their current lives.  We then sponsor this individual to take a trip of choice and we document the experiences along the way – first impressions, observations, realizations, openings.  The journey becomes the medium for exploration and expanded awareness – of the world, and of self.

OPEN is inspired by my own life, and by the belief that stepping out into the world is an integral part of self discovery.  My most challenging, revealing and rewarding experiences have occurred on the road – being out of my element, navigating unknown spaces, languages and customs.  In doing so I gained new perspectives – about the world and also my place in it.  The mission of OPEN is to give that gift to others.  And to capture the beauty that unfolds when we hold ourselves up against new backdrops and looks around, and eventually within.

OPEN is a collective movement.  It’s inspired by and thrives on your passion, your participation, your stories.  So please have fun here. Watch, read and leave your comments.

Hosanna Marshall, Founder & Filmmaker