This Was Our Song

78 year old Marty Daniels danced with his wife, Mariah, every day for 60 years.  In his words, “she pulled me out of my shell, dragged me onto the dance floor…and I’ve been dancing ever since…”

Dancing kept them connected while he was serving overseas in Korea, and kept their steps light as they raised a daughter together.  In their mature years, they made plans to travel South America through dance.  The tango in Argentina, the cha-cha in the Dominican Republic, the samba in Rio.  Mariah passed away but Marty plans to keep their pact, in her honor.  In his words, “she’s…dragging me out on the dance floor again.  She’s still going to be a big part of it.”  And then he adds, “I catch myself talking to her all the time…it’s never over” (sigh)

The film This Was Our Song will document Marty’s journey South.  My heart swells knowing that Marty will complete his dream, and get the chance to express his love for dance and his wife through this journey.  There is no release date yet for the film, but we’ll be sure to let you know when and where you can see it when that information is available.

Stories like this – simple, genuine, from the heart – are what fuel and inspire OPEN.  Our stories are so powerful when they’re shared with honesty and openness.  We all benefit from hearing them.

I can’t wait to tell more of your stories.  I’m so grateful for this journey…

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