I Will

This week I’m prepping to take part in the major life celebrations of three very good friends.  It’s wedding season for OPEN.

As I browse registries, book flights and pick up bridesmaid gowns, I think about what it means to join your life with another.  The romanticism and hopeful permanence of it all are familiar.  We’ve all grown up with the imagery, and we’ve taken part in the grand gesture in one way or another.  But, as more dear friends take this big step, I realize the reverence of it.  It’s a heavy thing to say “I do” and be truly committed to it, beyond the pageantry and the celebration.

For me marriage has never been a definite, but a hope.  I’ve always felt that it’d illuminate itself as an obvious next step when I met the right person.  That “ding ding ding” moment hasn’t happened yet, but I have a feeling it’s coming.

I’ve been humming this song by The Beatles for a few days now.  I finally paused today to listen to the lyrics, and chuckled to realize that it’s a love song for the future.  Instead of “I do” it’s a hopeful “I will”.

So, as I celebrate love and unions this Fall, I’ll keep this tune on my lips and in my heart.  Foreshadowing for a journey  to come…

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