Home Again

I’m home again for 12 short hours before I head upstate for a day of hammock swinging, good eats and last summer shouts with friends.

I’m just back from Atlanta, GA, where I celebrated my Mother’s 60th birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom)!  Atlanta is an amazingly diverse and cosmopolitan town with much to offer.  I hadn’t been there since 1999, and I surely won’t let another 14 years pass before I visit again.  My senses were stimulated on all counts.  And the foooood.  My my, the cuisine at Aria is worth another pilgrimage all on its own.  Delectable.

One wonderful thing about traveling is that you return home with open eyes.  Having just had the experience of soaking up a new environment, your senses are sharp.  There is the potential to experience your normal, every day environs with a fresh look if you’re open to it.

Instead of taking a taxi from LaGuardia airport this afternoon I opted for public transportation, which involved a snaking bus ride through Queens and 2 subway rides before I arrived on my steps in Brooklyn.  It took me about an hour and half, a temporal sacrifice I’m not always willing to make, but which I happily offered up today in exchange for the human color and texture it gifted.  Now, instead of curling up in my robe with a thai delivery menu and Netflix, I’m curious to see what a breezy Brooklyn has to offer on this Sunday night masquerading as a Saturday.

Home again with eyes alert, mind curious, and heart open, I’m headed out on a bike ride.  This song by The Menahan Street Band will groove the way…

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