Just Close Your Eyes

This morning I awoke in the country. I grabbed my sarong and wrapped it loosely around my body, fumbled for my eyeglasses and headed out to the garden to find a spot in the sun. The grass soaked my bare feet with its chilly dew, waking me slightly. I settled down into a patch of sunbeams, excited and ready.

Today is Day 7 of Deepak and Oprahs’ 21-Day Meditation Challenge, which focuses on creating miraculous relationships.  Some scoff at the idea of meditation, especially led by such spiritual giants, but meditation has been a centering guide for me throughout my life. If anything, it’s provided a safe, dedicated space to clear my thoughts and slow my pace for 15 minutes. Right about now, I need that.

This morning, the meditation focused on acknowledging the miracle in yourself. Deepak led us in a visualization exercise, one of my favorite forms of meditation. He asked us to imagine we were walking down a lush path in a forest towards an enchanted garden. On the walk, he called out what we could see (colorful flowers cascading in all directions), hear (birds chirping and leaves rustling in a sweet song) and feel (the benevolent rays of the sun). In this enchanted space he encouraged us to acknowledge the love and the beauty that surrounds us, and allow it to support and nourish our beings.

Being a city girl my visualizations are usually mental, but this morning nature was in concert with Deepak’s words. The chirping of the birds was real and overwhelmingly sonorous, the sun so bright it went right through me, illuminating me from within.

Meditation is miraculous for its transformative qualities, its accessibility.  You don’t have to journey somewhere physically, you don’t need much to experience its benefits.  Just time and the willingness to be open.

I’d love to share this experience with you.  To learn more, check it out here.

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