Lady & West Go To Texas

Today two of my favorite souls, Jenn and Kirk of the musical duo Lady & West, are taking off to Austin to record their next album!

Their story and their music are full of what OPEN loves the most – beauty in the small things, honesty and a sincere desire to connect through art and storytelling. I can’t wait to hear the new tunes.

I met Jenn (Lady) and Kirk (West) last year at Cómodo, a haven of a restaurant founded by our best friends.  There’s something magical about that space – it attracts like-minded, open, curious individuals on journeys, both literal and symbolic (more on that in another post).  Jenn and Kirk stand out as bright stars in that solar system for their heart-brimming perspective on how to best create, and live life in general.  From Jenn,

“The ONLY way to write (or perform or record) music, is by being open. It is the only way to catch that shooting star. To welcome that muse. To invite that alchemy. To truly move that listener. Open is the only way.”

Follow their journey to Austin on their blog.  Let them woo and inspire you as they lay it bare, and take a big leap of faith towards living their dream.

Lady & West, OPEN loves you. Take flight, live right!

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