If You Could Go Anywhere…

Last night, at the launch party for OPEN, the energy was palpable, thick with love.  You had to wade your way through it, slowly. I took my time and let it wash over me.

At a certain point, I stepped outside to observe from afar.  What I saw through the open windows, through light cotton curtains and candlelight was…everything.  I say that with a bit of ineloquence, because there are no words to describe the joy it brought me to see all of my families coming together, opening up and sharing.  The group was diverse, from all corners of my life, but somehow seemed to fit together.  It made me beam inside, for I realized that what brings them together, what they have in common, is a universal, human desire.  The need to stretch, to grow, to connect and be a part of things that promote just that.

OPEN is all about providing the support to help individuals reach beyond – comfort zones, fears, circumstances.  It’s about enabling and celebrating the courage to step beyond what we know and open ourselves up to something bigger.  It’s about having a dream, and actualizing it.

Last night we dreamed of travel.  A chalkboard with the words, “If I could go anywhere in the world…”  was passed around.  As guests filled in their answers, the stories began to flow.  I fluttered about the room trying to record them all.  I smiled big, knowing that OPEN could go on forever.  We all have that special place in the world we want to see, and a reason why.

So what about you?  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?


A special thanks to the Cómodo Family for creating such a beautiful, soulful space for us all to love and dream…

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