Our first video tells the story of Julia, an LA-based Artist

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Our next journey takes place in SOUTH AFRICA! We're currently crafting our Traveler's story with love and care in the editing room. In the meantime follow us on Instagram for the latest on what we're up to and what inspires us...

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  • Combatting the Funk, Feeling the Flow

    With mercury in retrograde, things are feeling heavy and murky for many. I’ll be honest and say that I’m one of them. Someone told me today that when you’re feeling helpless, help someone. When you’re feeling blue, spread joy. When you’re feeling tense, provide relief. The point is, put out into the world what you [...]

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  • About My Love

    A little belated, but here is a Valentine’s Day tune from Jessie Ware & Sampha, entitled Valentine.  It beautifully expresses the vulnerabilities we experience when we open ourselves up to love, fully, completely. Vulnerability seems to be all about right now.  It reigns supreme in the editing suite as we sift through the footage and [...]

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  • Song For The Road

    As our departure date for South Africa approaches, the nights grow longer yet sweeter.  The logistics have begun to gel, and so my attention and my heart have migrated to what I love most about this process.  I find myself awake at night, focused on recalibrating my vision to  see the world through the eyes of [...]

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